About MeanMeals.com

This section of the website describes in a bit more detail what services MeanMeals.com provides.

Your Recipe Box

Your recipe box is where you store your recipes. A picture is worth a thousand words, so to see an example of what your recipe box could look like, click here. You will notice that your recipe box can be split up into categories (such as "Breads" or "Desserts"), and that each category can contain recipes, or other sub-categories. (For example, the "Desserts" category is split up into "Cookies" and "Cakes").

Your recipe box can be either a public recipe box or a private recipe box. A public recipe box means you allow other members to view the contents of your recipe box. Don't worry - you can still make individual recipes pivate to protect your secret recipes!


The recipes screen contains all the information about a recipe. To see what a recipe page looks like, go to the main MeanMeals.com page and check out the featured recipe displayed there! By default, recipes are viewable by everyone. You can always make a recipe private. With a public recipe, other members can look at the recipe to try it out, as well as leaving comments about the recipe.

Each recipe you add will have its own web address. You can send the web address to your friends and family if you want to share the recipe with them.

Each recipe can have a number of pictures displayed on its page, so you can easily remember what the finished product looks like. If desired, you can also add pictures for each step in the cooking process to help other members who want to try your creations!

Your Grocery List

Rather than writing out your grocery list week-by-week manually, MeanMeals.com automatically generates a grocery list for you based on what meals you choose to have during the week. When browsing through your recipe box and looking at recipes, you can simply click a link to add the recipe you're looking at to your grocery list. The grocery list is then automatically updated to contain all the ingredients for the meals you add. You can then print the grocery list, or have it emailed to a cell phone or wireless device so you can access it from the grocery store.

To see a sample of what your grocery list could look like, click here.

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