Cream Cheese and Olive Penguins

These appetizers are the talk of the party! They look so cute, and if you like olives they taste great too.

Servings: 1 penguin
Preparation Time: 1 min
Cooking Time: 0
Author Rating: 9/10


1 1-2 mm slicecarrot
0.5 teaspooncream cheese
2 pitted black olives
1 toothpick


Step 1
Slice the carrot 1-2 mm thin. Cut a wedge in the slice.
Step 2
Cut a slice down the middle of one of the olives and stuff it with the cream cheese.
Step 3
Place the olives on the toothpick as shown in the picture. Then stuff the carrot wedge into the top hole in the plain top olive.


This recipe shows how to make one, but you'll want to make a few for each person. Recipe provided via