Green Bean, Beef, & Ginger Stir Fry

This recipe uses lots of green beans and makes a decent stir fry.

Servings: 4
Preparation Time: 30 mins
Cooking Time: 30 mins
Author Rating: 7/10


1 poundbeef (sirloin steak)
1 bell pepper, diced
2 cupbroccoli
1 14 oz. canchicken broth (not concentrated)
3 teaspoonchili garlic sauce
4 teaspooncorn starch
3 clovesgarlic, minced
5 cupgreen beans (approx 1.5 pounds)
5 green onions (1 bunch)
1 tablespoonhoisin sauce
2 tablespoonminced ginger
2 teaspoonsesame oil (divided)
3 tablespoonsoy sauce


Step 1
In a boil, combine: 3 tbsp soy sauce, 4 tsp corn starch, 1 tbsp hoisin sauce, 3 teaspoon chili garlic sauce, chicken broth (approx. 1.5 cups). Set this broth mixture aside for later.
Step 2
Put 1tbsp of sesame oil in a pan along with the ginger, garlic, the diced white part of the green onions, and beef. Fry for 5-6 mins until the beef is done, then set aside.
Step 3
Add the green beans, bell pepper, diced remaining green part of the green onions, and broccoli to the pan and fry for 10-15 mins until everything is cooked.
Step 4
Add the beef and broth mix into the pan (combine everything) and mix for another 2-3 mins until done. Serve over rice.
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