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Grilled Cheese & Chicken Sandwich

Category: Amy > Dinner

Just as yummy as a grilled cheese sandwich, but filling enough to eat for dinner. This is a really easy to make meal if you are using left over chicken.

Servings: 6 sandwiches
Preparation Time: 5 min
Cooking Time: 20 min
Author Rating: 8/10
User Rating: 1.0/10 (based on 1 vote)
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1 tablespoonbasil
0.5 teaspoonblack pepper
1 poundboneless skinless chicken breast
12 slicesbread
12 thin slicescheddar cheese
0.5 teaspoongarlic powder
1 green or red pepper


Step 1
Cut the chicken into slices. Cook in a frying pan until cooked on the outside.
Step 2
Cover the chicken with basil, garlic powder, and black pepper to your liking.
Step 3
Add chopped peppers to the frying pan and cook with the chicken until the chicken is cooked all the way through.
Step 4
Set aside the chicken and peppers mixture. You can use this to make all the sandwiches at once, or keep in the fridge or freezer and make the sandwiches as you want them.
Step 5
In a frying pan on a low heat, place one slice of bread, cover it with some of the chicken and peppers mixture and some cheese, then place the top bread slice. Cook until the bottom slice is slightly brown.
Step 6
Carefully turn the sandwich over. It doesn't stick to itself at this point, so you'll need to use your hands, two flippers, or some kind of utensil that grips. Cook until the other slice is slightly brown.


Be careful not to put the stove on too high, or you'll end up with burnt toast.


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