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Instant Pot Aloo

Category: Amy > Dinner > Indian

This indian potato recipe comes out just like at restaurants with a nice thick gravy.

Servings: 10 side-dish portions
Preparation Time: 15 mins
Cooking Time: 40 mins
Author Rating: 8/10
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30 cashews
2 tablespoondiced garlic
2 tablespoondiced ginger
2 tablespoonfenugreek powder
1 tablespoongaram masala
0.25 cupghee
2 tablespoonkashmiri chili powder, or regular chili powder
0.75 cupmilk
2 onions (diced)
3 poundpotatoes
1 teaspoonsalt
6 pureedtomatoes (or equivalent tomato sauce)
1.5 teaspoonturmeric
1.5 cupwater


Step 1
Put the 30 cashews in the 3/4 cup of milk to soak
Step 2
Put the diced ginger, garlic, ghee, and onions into the instant pot on saute mode. Cook for about 10 mins until the onions are mostly cooked
Step 3
Add the potatoes (cut into big chunks), crushed tomatoes/tomato sauce, water, and all the spices except the fengreek powder (turmeric, chili powder, garam masala, salt). Put the instant pot on pressure cook mode for 12 minutes.
Step 4
While the instant pot is cooking everything, put the cashews and milk in a blender, and blend for a few seconds until it's all liquidy.
Step 5
When the instant pot is done cooking, open it up using the quick release method, and stir in the cashew/milk mix and the fenugreek powder. It's all done! Serve it up. Optionally top with dried cilantro.


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