Pie Crust

This is an excellent pie crust. It is light, flaky, delicious, and pretty easy to make. It's not super healthy, but trans-fat free crisco helps.

Servings: 2 pies
Preparation Time: 20 minutes
Cooking Time: none
Author Rating: 7/10


1 cupcold water
1 poundcrisco or butter
1 egg
5 cupflour
1 tablespoonsalt
2 tablespoonwhite vinegar


Step 1
Mix flour, crisco, and salt together, until it looks like small peas.
Step 2
Put the vinegar and egg in a measuring cup, and full to 1 cup with water (so there's actually just less than 1 cup of water).
Step 3
Pour the vinegar/egg/water mix into the flour and mix thoroughly (while being careful not to overwork it)
Step 4
Roll out the dough fairly thin, and put in a pie plate. This pie crust can then be used with a variety of fillings.


A Slightly Healthier Pie Crust

This pie crust replaces some of the white flour with whole wheat flour. It gives the pie crust a slightly darker color, but it can't be tasted.




0 3 cupflour


2 cupwhole wheat flour


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